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Creating a website Sitemap and keeping it up-to-date are very important search engine optimization - SEO best practices. Search engines spider crawl the website and index your website pages better if they have an XML Sitemap for reference the order of the pages in the site. We tach you how to create a Sitemap so google/yahoo and others can have a clear view of your pages to the spiders and help them find their way around when they visit your web site pages.

​​How to Create a Sitemap that work

Free keyword research tools - Get Keyword Suggestions
To find quality keywords for your website. Get Keyword Suggestion Tool, you can go to google Adwords open free account and you can have The resulting suggestions that come from actual google search query data, those select keywords will match your website content you can add them to your keyword research list.

The most important optimizing the site for search engine optimization  is to choose the right keyword research. What is keyword research? It is very simply, we need to figure out what way people might search to find what your service/information/products your website offers, those keywords topics is actually identified your site content. 

​​How to Select Good Keywords - Keyword Research

Search engines wish to provide you with the most relevant information to your search, most quality web pages to satisfy the searcher. To get a good result, the search engines look at more than 300 factors to figure if the site is relevance to a search request. There is no single web page, can be perfect in all 300 factors. no SEO master knows exactly what the factors include. So what we do? We teach you a how to approach to search engine ranking. To see what Google or Bing like to see and thinks in very specific way, Once you learn what structural and content to choose,  you can rank your pages better on the search result

Our SEO study/courses and services cover only "white hat" search engine optimization methodology, that follow the search engine guidelines. Our company is providing Internet marketing services, SEO services and training for business all sizes 

Moshe Levi, search engine optimization SEO study, a step-by-step SEO mentor that will coach you how to optimize your site for search, If you are you a website owner troubled that your site do not show up in Google search Or are you planning a new website and want to make sure that the site will be search-friendly, Whatever your situation, We will educate you all the SEO basics tactics of SEO helping you optimize your website pages to be found in search engines.

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Don’t you wish to see your business name or your product on first google search page, there is a way to land on the first page of search results that didn’t involve long time of work of traditional SEO From the time that Google started giving more and more consideration to its blended search results,